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Flowarts Camp

Explore and live the flowarts community. 
Learn to flow and dance with the fire with the best teachers and meet people from all over the worlds.
One week of full immersion into the flowarts, dance, fire perfomances where you can discover our inner flame and let your flow dances.


next edition 29 May -7 June 2024

Mission & Project

Under the breath taking slopes of Volcano Etna, right in front of lava flow that connects 3000mt of active Volcano to the blue sea waters,in the gorgeous Sicily island, we will meet in rich and wild nature to celebrate the element of Fire, the art of Flow, object manipulation and to deepen the knowledge and the respect for our bodies from which it all starts and to which it all comes back to.
Il Vulcan Flowarts aims to be a path of artistic and personal growth through collective work and integration of nature, healthy food (mostly locally and biologically grown), sharing community and the Art of feeling good as we learn.
Designed to be a 360° path, multilevel and open to everyone (from beginners to advanced) Vulcan Flowarts offers more than 36 hours of classes and extra activities with the goal of organically integrating pure body work with objects manipulation techniques to create, improve and characterize your own flow, finding the right balance between technique and personal expression.


Vulcan Team

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Simone, is a flow artist, performer, and acrodancer.

Over the past 13 years, he has dedicated himself to Flowarts, mastering the Contact Staff, Poi, and the expressive use of fire and flames.

His journey has been marked by a continuous exploration and integration of knowledge. Beyond the realms of Flowarts, he has actively incorporated insights from disciplines such as capoeira, acrodance,  contemporary circus, contact dance, and somatic movement. 

His commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and embracing a diverse range of influences has not only shaped his unique style but has also contributed to the enrichment of the broader flowarts community. 



Olivia Al-Kimiya (Pyrodanza) is a traveler, researcher of truth, and explorer of the inner- and outer- world; Olivia dedicates her life to dance. She’s embodying and expressing her path of growth into the archetype of the warrior. Graduating from the American Academy of dramatic arts of NY, Olivia integrates Yoga, Contemporary Dance (Floorwork) Somatics, and basic acrobatics into the art of contact staff manipulation & balancing. She’s mixing the ingredients of advanced tricks mastering, dance, and interpretation. Her focus is to develop a unique personal flow that transcends technique and focuses on dancing as one with the prop, harmonizing with gravity and mixing strength, grace, presence, and versatility.


Ambra Occhipinti is a professional dancer.

She has mastered Popping, Tutting, Arms Dance and Body controls.

She has actively participated in the dance competition underground and commercial scene and She has won major awards at international dance festivals such as Experimental Juste Debout (Netherlands), WOD (Netherlands), Open Your Mind (Netherlands).


Ambra is in constant research of the abstract and the power of character. She is has been continuing to develop her research on movement by deconstructing popping techniques and rearranging them in a new language made of  sharp lines, waives and organic movement and emotions.


Ambra continues her research by expanding her training with physical theater, clown and butho, creating new performances and means to communicate her language.


The Venue


Femminamorta is a multifaceted Sanctuary,

a hub for art, connections, concerts, retreats, and unforgettable parties within the embrace of a holiday villa on Sicily's East coast.

Nestled between Pozzillo and Carruba, it sprawls across seven hectares of palm plantations where nature seamlessly intertwines with lemon, mango, and avocado trees. The retreat offers a mystical journey toward harmony, whether through a leisurely stroll, 

volcano exploration, or village charm.


Time loses its constraints within this ethereal escape, inviting guests to anchor in the present moment. Femminamorta's magic defies imagination, urging visitors to experience its splendor firsthand.

Amid fragrant flowers, melodic birds, and awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets.

More than a destination, Femminamorta is a sanctuary where nature and hospitality create a home away from home—a place where the soul finds solace in every heartbeat.

Federico's Love Kitchen

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All served meals are vegetarian and made with eco-friendly products. 
Our chef will ensure to nourish us with healthy and colorful dishes, delighting us with Mediterranean fragrances and flavors. 
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included during the retreat.

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Accomodation Possibilities

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      Single/Double Bedroom                             Shared room four/six persons                                   Tend or Campervan

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Reservation Process

In order to reserve your spot you have to pay a deposit of the cost upfront,

and the remaining fee when you arrive at the venue.


once you are registered here, you will be sent payment details via email. 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Questions or doubts? Click here                                                    to find out more.

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Do you need any customized props? 

Ask to Simone, after you checked his amazing handcraft FIRE PROPS

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