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If you need something particular just ask , I will be happy to do it!

Most important thing : all the props are made with hard work, best materials, experince and passion  :)

For Request and Orders contact me in  DM  


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Fire Cups

Pocket Fire Star

Soon Photos and more detailed descriptions.
Stars are in production and will be avaible in October 2023

Fire Cups for beautiful performances and fire dancing

- Head  : 1 metre of kevlar tape 50 mm 

- Wick Material : 100 % Pure Kevlar, 50 cm  of                   kevlar for each head

- Flame: large flames that change and reflects with     cups different movements

- Burning Time : 5-6 Min
- Stainless Steel cups super strong and light (diameter   20 cm and height 10 cm ) 
- Big Wooden handle knob ( 8 cm x 8cm )
-Silicone Disk to avoi contact burns 

- easy to dismount  and easy to replace the kevlar  

Price 2 Cups 80 Euro

Portable Fire Star

This unique fire star has a simple method to assemble and disassemble in just 3 minutes ! 
The structure is make by 8 fire sticks of
Aluminium 7075 16mm x 1 mm wall   thickness , strong and light.

 Avaible in 2 sized : 
M : 105 cm

L : 125 cm 

The set will include : 8 fire sticks

1 staff for the handle the centre of the star 

8 screw with wing nuts

2 screws for the handle

- Wick Material : 100 % Pure tape Kevlar 100 mm, 50 cm  of kevlar for each head

- Flame: large flames 

- Burning Time : 4-5 Min 
- easy to assemble and disassemble  and easy to replace the kevlar  .


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